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Good Cats Gone Bad

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    Even the best Cats can let you know when you've messed up big time. Some leave a steamy tootsie roll surprise in your favorite shoes. Some claw up the side of your favorite piece of furniture. Cats can fight against a good clean efficient house. Nick knacks with missing parts, things knocked over. Cats misbehave when there is not much else to do but get a reaction out of you. Cats with idle minds

    can tend to slip over to the dark side. your Cats got energy and nowhere to run. Get him to use up his energy in some way. Let him take the truck into town for groceries. Make it his turn to do the dishes. Use the little red laser light to run the cat up the walls. That never gets old. Don't play with kitty after it commits a crime or it will confuse this with positive reinforcement. Cats are active at night. So starting in the late afternoon, your going to have to keep him awake. Or you might not sleep tonight with all the thumping and bumping going on. This will take all the weapons in your cat toy arsenal. Start with the laser light and work your way through the plastic pull ring from the gallon milk jug.

    Keep him up and running to wear him out so he'll sleep at night. If he starts to doze play with him until he get the Jello neck head bob. And that should buy you the first three hours or so of uninterrupted sleep. If you catch him breaking the rules, He'll just make it a point to transgress when your not around. Cats commit crimes when they have sex on their minds. Spaying and neutering early on will help this or light the candles, soft music and throw catnip into the next yard and con Princess into coming over for a romantic interlude and ,,, actually Spaying and Neutering is the best plan. If you think Sit, Stay, Heel,, makes a good pet, get a Dog. Feed the cat just as you sit down to your meal to offset begging. No matter how cute that little fuzzy face is, don't let your Cat know begging could produce scraps of human food from the table. They don't just eat what you give them, they also see where it come from. This causes them to jump onto the table. Kitty will tend to bring in the occasional carcass. A Mouse, bird, lizard, a Yak. They aren't implying you don't feed him or her, Its just natural instinct to chase things to kill. Just like the laser light. Use it to exercise Kitty's primal brain so you wont find a Sea Lion on the carpet.

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