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   If you wanna keep-em, its nice to be the good guy some of the time. You might have noticed that cat pills are no smaller than human pills. Have you ever seen a cat wet? Their necks aren't that big, but cat pill makers don't care. It would be like, you trying to swallow a water bottle cap. The cat on the right is choking on one right now. The cat doesn't know or care about the pill makers, all he knows is that it was YOU that made him go through that. Luckily for your cat, there's a better way. Use a pill crusher to powder the pill into a tablespoon. Then after you mix water with it to dissolve it completely, draw it into an eyedropper. Push the tip of the eyedropper into the side of kitty's mouth and give a good squeeze. Dog pills too. They might not like the taste but it works. Because of the way the cats mouth is, they can't spit out liquid.

   Hairball and paste style worm meds are no problem either. Just smear the stuff in the right dosage into the fur on their paws and let instinct take over. They will lick off the paste weather they like the taste or not. Cats are picky about their fur. Particularly their FEET. Is your cat using it's back foot to scratch it's ears a lot? If you rub your Cats ears and he/she leans into it a lot, your cat might have Ear mites. Ear mites are little bugs that scratch away at the inside of your Cats ear canal. If your Cat loves to have their ears rubbed, they might have ear mites. Ear mite medicine is easy to get but not easy to administer unless you know the trick. Rub the Cats right ear and the Cat will lean into it to the right. Use this opportunity to drop a squirt of ear mite medicine into the left ear.

  Then rub the left ear thoroughly to spread the stuff around the inner ear. While your rubbing the left ear, the Cat will lean into the rub exposing the right ear. do the same thing in the right ear and rub both ears together. Mission accomplished! Now, the Cat will start to lick the inside of its mouth ALOT! This is normal. Additionally, a Cats temperature runs higher than Human temps do. About 101.5 to 105.5°. So don't panic when you see this. Temps above this and a trip to the Vet is advised. An infection may be the case. And you can, but please don't use a thermometer in their backside! Even if you do survive the initial assault, you may need a team of trained specialists to get the bleeding to stop. Use an ear tester! It won't take nearly as long to locate the Cat again. Research how to use it properly to get an accurate reading.

funny cat "I believe, no matter how hard you try, you can't baptize Cats"
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