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Male vs Female

kitten asleep in food

PAT, PAT, PAT, Behold!! Elevator Butt!

    Male Cats have much smaller urethras than the Females do. (Smaller urine tubes) This makes them more susceptible to urinary tract infections than girl cats. A good way to tell if this has occurred is to monitor the litter box. Another way is if you notice the Cat doesn't like to be picked up or hisses as you lift. If you get the Cat to the Vet fast enough it can be cleared up reasonably well. When you bring the cat home, then the fun starts. your Cats doctor gave you some antibiotics to give your cat but look at them. Their just as big as the ones you might take. Use a pill crusher you can buy from Dollar World or use the back side of a table spoon to crush the pill into another big spoon. Mix a few drops of water to dissolve it and draw it into an eye dropper. One quick squirt and the jobs done.

Cat spray can be neutralized with a flamethrower. There are a few differences to consider. The stuff that gets sprayed is usually soiled by a Male cat though girls spray too. Unless you get his plumbing decaffeinated (neutered) early on, this is a problem. Take him to the Vet sooner rather than later. You'll save yourself a lot of grief. Boy cats are also more playful. Yet I've heard critters stand less of a chance with a female cat on the job. Better hunters. Not that guys cant shoot straight but woman follow directions better. Common knowledge.

cat in scuba suit
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