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Litter box training doesn't have to be difficult. No one likes to have guests to your home to know you have cats before you tell them. Sometimes it works to simply plop kitty down into the litter box to show them were it is but not always. For a guaranteed solution of the stinky cat poop landing were it is supposed to, it's simple. You'll have to get your hands dirty for this though, and, you will have to do something that can be embarrassing. Thats right,, The Stinky Cat Poop Shuffle. You got the box, you poured the litter, the scene is almost set. If you purchased a brand new farm animal and need to teach it were the waste goes, it hardly helps to plop the kitty down into a box of clean litter.

Do The Stinky Cat Poop Shuffle on to your neighbors house to see if they'll let you borrow some stinky cat poop from their cats box. You'll place the borrowed nuggets into your cats box to show kitty "What" goes here. The smell of the pilfered pile, will trigger the instinct to go on top of it, in the mind of your kitten. Its all down hill from there. So pull on your shoes, trot on down to the neighbors house, strap on a smile and ask for the poop. It'll give them something to talk about around the water cooler at the office the next day.

You might even get a bonus, they might tell their kids to stay away from your yard. With your new Turd starter kit, your new family member will leave the Stinky Cat Poop were it belongs, but check your shoes to be safe. Oh, and be a pall and leave the sports page by the litter box ok? Incedently, never use vinegar or ammonia to clean up cat urine. Vinegar and ammonia is too much LIKE cat urine and will cause the cat to re soil the spot.

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